Appalachian Power

Nelson County

Appalachian Power and Firefly Fiber Broadband are partnering to bring reliable and affordable high-speed internet to Nelson County. Work is underway and we are excited to bring this update. Contractors will begin the fiber build in Arrington, move to Schuyler, and finish in Shipman. As always, they will have signs on their trucks identifying them as Firefly or Appalachian Power contractors.

The fiber will be installed on Appalachian Power’s existing electrical infrastructure. Firefly contractors have started to collect information about the location of poles, as well the distance from the pole to the meter on the home. Once finished, Pike contractors for Appalachian Power will perform additional equipment inspection, engineering, and analysis needed to complete the fiber design process.

Make ready work will be performed by Appalachian Power and/or Davis H. Elliott, who will reposition equipment and replace poles as needed. Crews may need to de-energize power to safely complete this work. In areas where the electric facilities are underground, Firefly contractors will install conduit in the ground adjacent to the existing lines.

This make ready work is being completed well in advance of the fiber construction, which is expected to be complete by the end of summer 2021.

Project Areas

Arrington – Southeast of Railroad Tracks

Rockfish to Schuyler

Shipman to Hunting Lodge Rd

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