Firefly Fiber Broadband is partnering with multiple counties and utilities to bring reliable, high-speed internet to Central Virginia. Construction of a fiber network is a multi-phase project that begins with planning, partnership development, and grant/funding acquisition before moving into the make-ready engineering, make-ready construction, and fiber construction phases.


We get a lot of questions about timelines.

“When will you hook up my service?”
“How much longer until I get my installation?”

Timelines can be tricky. While we give estimated timeframes for first connections, it is not possible to give individuals an exact date for their connection.

Firefly hands over registrations to construction, then construction schedules and manages all work involved with the build. Once they’ve completed their work, the addresses are turned back to Firefly to schedule installs. We do not have access to the construction schedule and are not managing it.

As we build the fiber infrastructure from the ground up, there are many variables that come into play (and many that are out of our control). Some delays we face include permitting for railway, waterway and highway crossings, weather conditions that prevent crews from performing their tasks at their normal pace, and scheduling VA811 to mark areas for service drops to the home.

Once fiber has been run to a pre-registered home, equipment will be placed on the side of the home, near your electric meter (this is called a NID). Once the NID is in place, a Firefly representative will call you to schedule your installation.

Once we begin connections in a new area, installations will continue over several months until everyone that pre-registered is connected. Click here to read more about the construction process.

Timeline Chart

The chart below provides current timeline estimates for projects that are in the works. The listed season and year are the anticipated timeframe for first connections. Connections will continue for several months beyond that date to reach all pre-registered homes/businesses.

Please note: Timeline estimates may change due to many factors beyond our control, such as weather delays , grant application deadlines, permits, or scheduling roadway/river crossings.