COVID-19 Procedures


Firefly values the health of our employees and subscribers and prioritize their health each day. As we continue battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Firefly understands how vital access to reliable, high speed internet is. We are continuing to perform installations and have taken several measures to protect our technicians and our customers.

  • Firefly technicians wear personal protective gear to each installation, which includes a mask, gloves, and booties. These items are discarded after each installation.
  • Firefly technicians wipe down all of their tools after each installation using a Clorox or similar disinfectant wipe.
  • Technicians use hand sanitizer before, during (if needed), and after each installation. Technicians abide by social distancing guidelines of 6ft.
  • Firefly ensures that technicians have an adequate supply of personal protective gear, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant supplies to perform their work safely.

To reduce the risk of Firefly technicians being exposed to a COVID-19, procedures have been implemented to screen new customers via phone prior to the technician’s arrival and again prior to entering the home. If the screening reveals that the customer or someone in the home could have been exposed or is experiencing symptoms, the technician will reschedule the installation to allow for an adequate quarantine period.

If Firefly technicians are sick or have come in contact with anyone that is sick or in quarantine, they are to immediately report to their supervisor or human resources and must self-isolate/quarantine until they are cleared to return to work. If the technicians were in contact or near a customer that was sick or in quarantine, Firefly will attempt to get testing results from the customer, which helps to clear the technicians to return to work sooner than the standard two week quarantine period. When needed or desired, our technicians in quarantine have been tested.

COVID-19 Updates

Given the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on American society, Firefly Fiber Broadband pledges to work with our retail residential and small business customers to ensure that their phone and internet services remain active through June 30. In addition, we will waive late fees during this period as well. After June 30, we encourage customers to contact us to make arrangements for a payment plan if they cannot pay their bill in full.

We recognize the enhanced needs for connectivity for students with remote learning needs or workers who are telecommuting, we will waive fees for new service connections in all areas where service is available until June 30. We do plan to continue installing services in homes and businesses throughout the emergency period to continue working to meet the need for reliable, affordable true high speed broadband in our rural area.

As always, Firefly will continue its customer-friendly policies of no contracts, no data caps, and no slowdowns! We are here to provide a service to our rural subscribers, and we understand more than most the need for dependable service during times with when households are dealing with challenges. It’s in our DNA. Firefly Fiber Broadband is owned by members of Central Virginia Electric Cooperative.