Palmyra, Virginia — Firefly Fiber BroadbandSM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC), urges dove hunters not to shoot at birds perched on power lines.

On opening weekend of dove season in September, Firefly’s fiber optic cable was damaged in six localities from birdshot. The fiber optic cable is a new addition to electric poles and runs adjacent to and underneath the electric lines. The optical fibers are protected by glass tubing, which shatters upon impact when shot and disrupts internet and phone services to neighbors.

Shooting at power lines is a federal offense. In addition, the damage is costly to repair and causes internet and phone outages for neighboring homes and businesses. “Damage to fiber during dove hunting season is a new phenomenon for Firefly and for local hunters,” says Firefly CEO and President, Gary Wood. “These folks have been hunting the same land for years and rarely caused damage by shooting at doves on the power lines. However, now there is fiber just beneath the power lines that is susceptible to birdshot. This is an opportunity for Firefly to educate our local hunters about this change and to spread the word about the damage shooting at power and fiber lines can cause.”

Hunting season for doves opens again on Saturday, November 18 and Firefly asks that customers help to spread the word about the damage caused by shooting at birds on power lines.

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