Stop unwanted calls with Nomorobo

If you are a Firefly residential VoIP customer you can register with Nomorobo, a free, third-party service that identifies known robocallers and telemarketers and stops your phone from ringing.  Watch the video and follow the instructions below to eliminate annoying robocalls.

Nomorobo Setup

Go to and signup then follow the below steps to setup the service. Click here for a visual setup guide with screenshots.

  1. From the dropdown, select Firefly Fiber Broadband.
  2. Enter your email address in the space provided. You will receive a confirmation notifying you to check your email.
  3. Check your inbox for a message from Nomorobo.
  4. Click on the setup button.
  5. Enter your information and click the Sign Up button.
  6. A new page will load. Click on the get started button.
  7. On this page, enter or select the following.
    •      From the dropdown, select Landline/VoIP.
    •      From the dropdown, select Firefly Fiber Broadband
    •      Enter your Phone Number
    •      Enter a Description (optional).
    •      Click Next. Clicking Next will show the steps required by the Cloud Services Portal to activate this feature.
  8. To continue setup, in a separate browser tab, log in to the portal and navigate to the Advanced Features tab on the left of the page. Locate the Simultaneous Ring Personal feature.
  9. Click the Simultaneous Ring Personal link to open the feature page
    •      Turn Simultaneous Ring Personal On.
    •      Enter the following number into one of the Phone Number box: 434-533-9669
    •      Click Apply to save your settings for the first half of the process.
  10. The page will reload and then you may continue to the second half of the Simultaneous Ring Personal page that creates the rules for triggering the feature and is required to make sequential ring active.
    •      Enter “Nomorobo” into the Description text box.
    •      Select the Use Simultaneous ring personal option.
    •      Select Every Day, All Day option for the Time Schedule selection.
    •      Select Any phone number option for the Calls From selection.
    •      Click Add to save rule settings. Each time you finish an entry, you will receive a confirmation message.