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Firefly Residential Internet

Firefly Fiber BroadbandSM offers fiber-to-the-home broadband internet with speeds of up to one gigabit per second. There are no contracts, no data caps, and customers can enjoy a whole-home Wi-Fi experience. Firefly Fiber BroadbandSM delivers the high-speed internet connection you need for the prices you want. See package offerings below.

Please note: Firefly does not offer static IPs to residential accounts.

Firefly Light

firefly light

 100 mbps x 100 mbps

Offers unlimited data at 100 Mbps upstream & downstream. Managed Wi-Fi, the most reliable in-home wireless service for your devices, is included free!

$49.99/ Month

Firefly Flash

firefly flash

1000 mbps x 1000 mbps

Enjoy unlimited data up to 1 Gbps upstream & downstream. Managed Wi-Fi, the most reliable in-home wireless service for your devices, is included free!

$79.99/ Month

Firefly Whole Home

whole-home Wi-Fi

Extended Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home for just pennies a day!

$5.99/ Month

What you need to know about the FCC Broadband Consumer Label

Broadband Consumer Labels, introduced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), are designed to provide clear, easy-to-understand, and accurate information about the cost and performance of high-speed internet services. The labels are modeled after the FDA nutrition labels and are intended to help consumers comparison shop for the internet service plan that will best meet their needs and budget.

Firefly Fiber Broadband Residential Consumer Labels


Firefly Residential Phone

Firefly Fiber BroadbandSM uses its world-class, high-speed internet to provide Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) phone service at an affordable rate.

Firefly has partnered with Nomorobo to block unwanted phone calls from telemarketers and robo-callers using a list of known unwanted phone numbers including those on the “Do Not Call” Registry. This is a free service for our VoIP customers. Click here to learn more about the service and steps to set it up.

Firefly Voice

firefly voice

Enjoy unlimited local & long-distance calls. Bundle phone service with the firefly light or firefly flash internet package and save $5 per month!

$34.99*/ Month

*plus taxes & fees

Receive the highest quality phone service with the best features:

• Call Rejection
• Call Block
• Call Forwarding
• Call Logs

• Call Return
• Call Waiting
• Caller ID
• Delivery Blocking
• Directory Listing
• Do Not Disturb
• Find-Me/ Follow-Me
• Speed Dial

• 3-Way Calling
• Voicemail
• Voicemail to Email

Residential Voice Guides

To download your service guides, click on the links below:

Residential Voice Subscriber Guide

PDF icon

Residential Voice Quick Reference Guide

PDF icon

International Rate Schedule

PDF icon

Nomorobo Setup Guide

PDF icon