Setting Up AutoPay on the Customer Portal

Thank you for choosing Firefly’s easy and convenient AutoPay option. Once you are enrolled, your payment will be drafted from the account on file on the 15th of each month. 

You can opt to setup your AutoPay with ACH (electronic check) or with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). 

Follow the steps below to enroll and rest assured that your payment will never be late.

Setup AutoPay with a Credit/Debit Card

1. Login to the Customer Portal using your username and password

2. Select "Make a Payment" from the main screen

3. Select "Make a Payment" and enter payment amount, then click "Continue to Pay"

4. When popup appears, click "Proceed"

5. Select the account to apply payment and click "Continue"

6. Enter Payment Amount and click "+ Add New" to enter card info to the payment Wallet

7. Enter payment card information – choose Debit or Credit tab and click box to authorize payment, then click Add

8. Click "Continue" to proceed with the payment. If you wish to change to another card, repeat the "+ Add New" process.

9. Confirm payment amount and click "Pay"

10. Payment receipt screen will briefly appear

11. A payment confirmation receipt will generate. From this window, select "Enable AutoPay".

Setup AutoPay with ACH (electronic check)

1. Login to the Customer Portal using your username and password

2. Select the AutoPay settings wheel

3. Use the toggle to enable AutoPay

4. Select the AutoPay ACH option

5. Enter your "new checking/saving account" information and you will see a confirmation screen

6. Once you confirm your selection, AutoPay will show as "active" with your bank information

7. AutoPay setup is complete!

Start enjoying hassle-free payments!

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