Tech Tips

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1. Verify Your Network Speed Just Like a Firefly Tech!
Get accurate speed test results for your home using the same process as Firefly techs.

2. Speed Up Your Wireless Network By Eliminating Older Devices!
Older wireless devices cause a poor Wi-Fi experience for customers using newer devices on the same network. Follow these tips to make sure you aren’t using older devices that are slowing down your network!

3. Use Whole Home Wi-Fi to Expand In-Home Coverage
Having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi in certain areas of your home? Does your device sometimes disconnect from the network, or take forever to download large files, or pause or stop altogether while streaming movies? Follow these tips to learn about Whole Home Wi-Fi!

4. Watching Video with an Internet Connection
Although Firefly Fiber Broadband does not create streaming services or video content, we provided the information below as a starting point to help you learn about the devices, apps, and streaming services available on the market from various sources and providers.

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